True love knows no borders! A risky adventure around-the-world.

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LLEARN FROM THE MISSTEPS OF A GLOBETROTTER in the Australian desert and from his adventurous travels in Asia - through Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Nepal. Get inspired on your personal journey by his dearly paid experiences. Believe in yourself, guard your thoughts, keep your sense of humour, find great love and never get down on your luck!

DON'T ASK FOR SUGAR is a captivating, humorous and breathtaking love, crime and spy novel that only real life can write. The reader accompanies the young European Christoph on his daring endeavours until the reader regains his consciousness - after a stopover in Moscow - in an East German prison cell.

BUT FIRST THE YEAR IS 1985, Christoph is in Bangkok and has just fallen madly in love with a beautiful New Zealander woman who has been touring the world for years. In Western Australia, the two have a challenging but happy life. Christoph, who struggles along as a garden helper for lack of a work permit, admires the experienced Suzanne, who works as a well-paid model at Perth's university. One weekend in a small chapel, the future is predicted for the two of them. The fortune teller says, that Suzanne will soon be living far to the south, but when she holds Christoph's hand, the seer begins to tremble and sees dark forces and sinister demons. Shortly afterwards, Suzanne is offered an extraordinarily cheap plane ticket to New Zealand, and as she hasn't been home for a long time, she makes a spontaneous decision, whereupon the world falls apart for Christoph, as he loses the love of his life.

A FEW DAYS LATER Christoph pulls himself together, sells his car and hitchhikes through the middle of the Australian desert to get some fresh ideas from new impressions. After three weeks in New South Wales, he meets Dave, an Australian, and Bryce, a Scotsman, who have been in a car accident. Pulling the mudguard out again, the three young men decide to drive north for two days because the small coastal town of Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef turns into a party hotspot at the end of the year when divers from all over the world wash up on its beaches along with jellyfish, but can Christoph forget his Suzanne just like that?